Mobile apps for iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store

  • With all software we start by listening to the story and the objectives.

    We then design clear wireframes with smatterings of user interface design so that you understand and get a feel for your app before it enters development.

    Mobile apps from Bow Software - we listen to your objectives
  • This is followed by an intense ‘build and test’ ‘build and test’ period before entering the publishing phase. Once your app is up and running we can help you analysis your app stats, look at cross platform opportunities and provide press packs to help get the PR rolling. 

    Mobile apps from Bow Software - we listen to your objectives
  • Digitising the Dollar Princess was developed as a proof of concept app developed using Android SDK 4.2.2, we hope to see it released in the Google PlayStore in 2014, with Windows and iOS versions following. You can read more about this app in the featured projects below. 

    Mary Curzon app - a screenshot from the Ceremony theme

At Bow, our area of app expertise lies with 'content rich' and 'process automating' apps. We don’t believe in digital noise for digital noise's sake and so choose to develop intelligent & sophisticated ‘benefit-giving’ apps.

(Okay, okay so this doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy some high colour, addictive blob bouncing fun in our spare time – it’s just that as software engineers we’re more a Huffington Post, Radio 4, QI minded lot so ....) 

We concentrate on apps with purpose, after all app (short for application) means a tool that helps you carry out a task.

  • Content rich apps for location, experiences and e-books. We use beautiful design, clear navigation and appealing data visualisation to bring a place, a person or a product to life. Bow apps include compelling copy, visuals, audio, film, high res and 3D photography and audio trails. We have produced content-rich apps in conjunction with the publishing, heritage and retail sectors.
  • Marketing/ Brand specific apps designed for high impact and product promotion. Often appointed by a brand agency, Bow develop short shelf life viral app campaigns for retailers.
  • RFID and NFC triggered apps, that work with RFID tags on buildings, promotional posters and cards.
  • Processes automated apps for business; enabling remote logging and information exchange within teams. Bow develop ‘closed release’ apps, which can be downloaded through company intranets as a business tool.
  • Utility apps. We are currently developing two in-house products; without giving too much away one is a CMS app for businesses and the other digital aid for children and adults with learning difficulties.

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