NFC bookmarks receive financial support from ished as an idea worth exploring.
We are giddy with excitement and genuinely grateful to hear ished have granted us ....... a bursary to develop our NFC bookmarks concept, to pitch point. We have put together a short intense development plan that will see us research the market and the various user cases, and produce a range of NFC bookmarks that we will pitch to identified prospects from November onwards this year.
New website
Our new website. A lot has changed in eighteen months.... ... we moved to Okehampton Business Centre (pretty much this time last year). ... we marked the move by taking the decision to withdraw from the IT support side of our service delivery. ... Gavin had recently joined us, then came Diana, Mark, Kathy and Ha
Heart of Devon festival
Heart of Devon, a family friendly music festival in the village of Bow. Live music from 2pm till midnight, 30 plus Art & Craft stalls and local cider – and it was sunny too! The event was free for the community and profits made on the refreshments went to Devon Air Ambulance, can't beat that for feel good factor!
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