Balloons - Children's bereavement website with a powerful reading list.

As part of a website which deals with the difficult subject of death we developed a comprehensive reading resources database, which list books (their overview, the author and ISBN code) that can help explain death and that talk about bereavement. So as not to overwhelm the visitor that books have been split into categories for example, the under 5's, 5 to 8 years, teenagers, suicide, baby mortality... On each page of the website a handful of the books that are relevant to the page will appear in the sidebar. The selection is shuffled each time the page is visited, the idea being that a book title and snippet may capture the readers interest without hitting them with a big long list of books.

The recommended resources are content managed by the client, so new books can be added as they are released or titles removed if they are no longer required.

We took the reading resources a step further by setting the client up a Amazon book store which mimicked the charities branding and feel of their website, and sits within the Balloons website. All the books in the recommended resources section are available to buy through the Balloons Amazon book store and each time a book is purchased in this way, the charity is paid 10% of the transaction fee.

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