2 for 1 Consultancy Offer
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Have you received your personal invitation to buy 2 days consultancy for the price of 1?

Over the next couple of months we're writing to a few very special companies who we think have an interest in innovative development. The idea is simple ...

Have been considering:-

  • A bespoke application to manage processes
  • A database to consolidate all databases!
  • A bespoke CRM
  • An intraweb or advanced web application
  • A mobile application
  • the list goes on....
Before you commit, you need to know how feasible the project is, how much it's going to cost and most importantly you need to be able to show the Finance Director exactly what they're going to get in return for the investment! 
Well for a limited few we're offering 2 days consultancy for the price of 1. 
Book us for 2 days ( 1 day on site exploring the objectives and talking to the stakeholders, 1 day back at our office researching, costing and writing up a set of Functional Requirements) and simple pay for 1.
(For sizeable projects the offer is extendable for example book 6 days pay for 3)
So if you've got your invite and you're interested, don't delay call us today - remember the offer is time limited, next month and the offer moves on to a new 'special few'.
Terms and Conditions: This offer is only available to those who have received the invite and who activate the offer in the month shown.Our day rate for Consultancy and Development pertaining to this offer is £360 + vat. This offer is running October 2011 to April 2012.

Please read our Code of Conduct, in the site Terms of Use before submitting.
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