Post Paddington...

Although the day started badly (faceless car park machine - takes money, prints = nothing). I then went on to successfully navigate the automated ticket dispensing machine (these things terrify me, particularly when under pressure of a queue of anxious other collectees standing behind you).
Journey was smooth though it would be very nice if First Great Western would supply open Wifi like Virgin do, client meeting was very useful....
Talking face to face is so beneficial- you can really explore clients likes and dislikes. For example when discussing the 'Contact Us' page and talking about using team picture profiles induces head shaking and physical recoiling you know it's just not for them!
Journey home, did my background reading including reading a litany of genuinely sincere thank you letters the client had received - I was so impressed it compelled me to think of a great way to include these on their new website.
So now I need to put my thoughts ( and price :-0 ) back to the client. I'm using Basecamp to share info and progress with the client on this one. I'll let you know how it goes!

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