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On 26th May 2012, cookies on your websites became something you need to worry (a little) about.  A new(ish) E.U. law became enforceable that says if you use cookies on your website, you need to gain permission first.  There are a few caveats and more detail that The Proof Fairy puts excellently.

Generally speaking, sites with embedded Googleness (e.g. Google maps, Google+), social media sharing functionality, adverts or user logins are likely to be using cookies and you should gain your visitors' consent.

Proof Fairy also points to an excellent cookie audit tool which you can use to find out whether your (or any) site uses cookies, and their seriousness.

There are plenty of free plugins available to help you comply with the law, most of which are easy to implement and don't interfere with your site's existing branding.

Our sites use extensively which uses cookies to manage sessions, helping provide a rich user experience.  We don't use cookies in any way to identify individuals or track preferences or sites visited.

Contact us to talk about this - or any - technical issue.  And have a great Jubilee!

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