Worried about Google's New Privacy Policy?

As there is no 'opt out' for the new privacy policy introduced by Google on the 1/3/2012 here are some quick steps you can take to remain 'anonymous' ....

(I mean who wants Google to remember they once searched for divorce lawyers, how to take your employer to tribunal and genital warts).

Remember !

  • Sign out of your account – if you are not signed into your Google account when you use its services, you’ll simply be logged as an anonymous user. Activity will be logged but not linked to your account or profile.

Do an online clean up!

  • Delete your history within Google – Sign into your Google Account, go to, click “remove all Web History” and click “ok” .
  • Google Dashboard has a summary of all of the information that Google has associated with your account; you can delete the areas that you wish.

And to save your sanity!

  • Ads Preference Page – opt out of personalised advertising systems for Google’s own services and the ads it serves up on the other websites which use information Google has collected.
Evil man staring. Represents Big Brother

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