Goodbye Paddington, until next time...
A large construction site ran by CaulfieldsCaulfield contractors are a leading contractor providing turn key solutions to the utility, civil and building sectors. Working on projects throughout the UK, they are ready to share with you testimonials of their delivery through their new 'brand and brochure' ready website.  You'll find no... " Great Service. Mr Smith, London" here though, oh no.

Through their clients page you can see the engineering giants Caulfields have delivered for, and by clicking on the logo's you can read a full and fitting description of their conduct (and if you're still sceptical we've even included a scanned copy of the original letter received- this is a thorough testimonial archive to say the least!).

We've really enjoyed working with Caulfields, they're a busy fast moving bunch and we worked around their work schedules to get their new website out there, singing loud and proud "... a steadfast commitment to quality, costs, site safety and the environment - the contractor of choice to the Civil engineering sector ".

As part of the project we set up their social media strategy, as these guys are new on the block do them a favour and hook up if you're a local authority, building contractor or supplier.

Oh and really we do hope to return to Paddington shortly, though if the little brown bear knew about the delicious Peck and Strong brownies we took the Caulfield's team they might not have made it!

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