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"Venturefest Bristol ..brings together entrepreneurial companies with investors and business support providers. Companies throughout the South West competed for one of 40 spaces in the Innovation Showcase - a special exhibition that gives entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their business idea to the Venturefest audience. The Engineer

We are passionate and convinced that our 'NFC bookmarks' offer an innovative, more tactile and visually pleasing way for digital things to be bought and shared. So, we applied to exhibit them at Venturefest to potential investors and industry leaders and the great news is ...Science City Bristol thought they should be there too and we qualified to be one of the 40 innovative products chosen!

The idea has been developed further thanks to some R & D funding and we now have a clear outline for other ways these physical products could be used to access digital stuff. With only a couple of weeks to prepare we got our head around the market potential and got to work on our branding. We have decided that 'physidigi' sums it up .... it's a physical digital form for ebooks, music and sound.

 IMG 2475

The set up the night before was a little hectic as we'd been down at the University of Exeter in the day exhibiting the $ Princess app, but in a couple of hours we transformed our space, complete with our own subnet (we didn't want to be taken down by the venue open wifi when demo'ing how physidigi works!). We left the venue with our big daddy, cerwinvega speakers looking intimidatingly over at our neighbours stands ( we'd taken them to make a loud impact when we demo'd the physidigi sounds).

When the doors opened on Venturefest day, it was a real buzz, with interested conversations and lots of oh, ah moments when people got how it worked. As our name launched that day, we encouraged folks to scribble what they thought on the wall - a great move- it broke the ice and we got lots of feedback

 Physidiginameresponses Scaled


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