Digitising the Dollar Princess - the journey starts here.

Inspiring industry peers, intriguing co conspirators, adrenalin, excitement and ooh just a inkling of panic sums up our first 2 days Digitising the Dollar Princess. The team parted ways, heading East and West, with a clear focus on the next steps to take - it 's amazing what pens and paper, wiggly lines and circles can do for your clarity.

Back on the red soil of mid Devon, I was keen to quickly share the experience and the energy with the rest of the Bow team. This is bigger than Nicola, Kevin and I. There are key associates whose skills we'd love to harness and though not everyone at Bow will be living and breathing the Dollar Princess 24/7 for the next 3 months, I have this feeling Mary Curzon will be contagious. This morning we had a buzzing catch up with ... yep you got it, pens and paper, wiggly lines and circles - we're off ! The curiosity is sparked, it's going to be an exciting journey. 

Just one thing remains hanging in the air. What is it that we are making? Is it an e-book, is it an app? I suspect we're a cross breed - a kaleidoscope of a biography for a digital world. 

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