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... we moved to Okehampton Business Centre (pretty much this time last year).

... we marked the move by taking the decision to withdraw from the IT support side of our service delivery.

... Gavin had recently joined us, then came Diana, Mark, Kathy and Harry.

With a redrawn business strategy plan, and from this a newly formed marketing plan (after all deciding, to stand down 70 % of your turnover to concentrate on 30 % needed some hefty planning if we were to pull it off) summer 2012 was a defining point in time for Bow Software.

The waters then got slightly cloudy, as we won 3 major software projects in the autumn that would see us working intently through into the May/ June of 2013. These projects brought great kudos and yet again pushed our in-house skills to grow and develop, with the result being not only sound portfolio case studies but also new client alliances that we value and with whom we hope to embark on future projects. These projects helped us not only replace but exceed the revenue stream that we had exited.

So 18 months on from our last website release, the time was fitting for us to redefine our web presence to convey the message of who Bow are now and where we are going.

The site is designed as a pin board; key info on our services will always be available from the homepage with the latest projects, blogs and news trickling through. All the content in the website is tagged, so that a project will suggest similar projects or services. We've put it together with an agile approach, it's not the finished perfect website but it's a functional, live and revolving place for our online content - we'll be adding new stuff frequently.

You may notice we've started to use the shortened name of Bow as our our app development name - why? It will help clients and ourselves distinguish between the business to business software delivery service work and our in-house products which will be published under this production name of Bow. Legally nothing's changed and we are still the Bow Software Ltd that registered with company's house end of 2006. 

We hope our new website sives you a good idea of who we are and what we do, if you we're not already we'd love to hook up with you through our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin page.


Your opinion matters! if you have any feedback drop us a line through our enquiry form or leave a comment below. 

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