NFC bookmarks receive financial support from ished as an idea worth exploring.

We are giddy with excitement and genuinely grateful to hear ished have granted us ....... a bursary to develop our NFC bookmarks concept, to pitch point.

We have put together a short intense development plan that will see us research the market and the various user cases, and produce a range of NFC bookmarks that we will pitch to identified prospects from November onwards this year.

"The bookmarks are a new concept in the way we buy, give and share digital media"

Charlotte Quickenden, Managing Director, Bow Software.

The concept harnesses Bow's NFC and online digital experience. However the production of a retail/promotional product is a new trajectory for the company, and one that without the breathing space and support provided by ished would have struggled to compete with the normal 'work for hire' service delivery that keeps us flat out.

As part of the development, Charlotte will be working from the ished hub in Bristol a couple of days a month, not only will she be soaking in the creative tech energy that ripples through the hub, but it will also be a fantastic opportunity to get to know the other projects and ished residents.

We hope it shows that we're pleased as punch with the news, we will keep you posted with updates over the next few months.

A big thank you to...

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(The NFC bookmarks were first introduced by Bow to the Books and Print, REACT project 'Digitising the Dollar Princess' as an additional way of promoting and retailing the app. You can read more about this project on the REACT project blog.)

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