World Book Day (officially tomorrow - but in our house today!)

(Say hello to Dennis the Menace and the Tin Man)

I'm short on time this week, our projects in full pelt, I have a business to run, 3 kids and a husband away snowboarding for 10 days with his buddies. On hearing that the kids had to go to school today dressed as their favourite book character it felt really wrong, that as I produce my first digital book, my heart sank with yet another task of costumes to make. I'm lucky my 3 kids all love reading, infact the middle one I can loose in the house for a whole weekend if it's a particularly good book. Our local library in Crediton is a great space with cheery, encouraging librarians, and my sister inspires them by drawing and writing mini stories. So although our kids probably don't need World Book Day to inspire them, if it puts the spotlight on literacy and the joy that books can bring then it can only be a good thing (and anyway what child doesn't love a chance to dress to up).



One of the things that has had me hooked from the beginning with Mary Curzon, is the strength in which she was her own person - not so easy in a British aristocracy Victorian setting or as the most prominent lady in Colonial India. There are many photographs of her smiling, a real open genuine smile, laughing or just relaxed natural poses which stand out as strikingly intimate for the time. The photographs of her children, some taken by her, show the fun that she encouraged in their inner sanctum, they show love and time spent together doing normal family stuff.  This is my attraction to the subject of our book, these two contrasting aspects of a celebrated, photographed Vicereine and a fun loving, caring yet strong minded wife and mother.

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