Great West Run, Exeter - Sunday 13 October 2013

As a growing team, back in May of this year we aired the idea of doing the Great West Run as a team challenge. Kathy our finance whizz, was quick to say thanks but no thanks! Pat was keen, but knew that, though his head was willing, his knees thought otherwise. So that left Gavin, Harry, Andy and I with 4 months to start training.

Gavin started well, and as a non runner sensibly started building up his distance. Unfortunately an injury and the conflict the training caused with weight lifting saw him step down from the challenge mid way. (In retrospect the race route map bluetacked to the wall in front of him perhaps wasn't helping the fear!)

Andy joined Okehampton Running Club, if you need encouragement to run faster or indeed to run, joining a local running club is a great way to train for a big run. I ran each weekend and tried to grab a run mid week which often involved saying to the kids 'right get on your bikes we're just going round the lanes for a quick 5 miles' (... often met with a reluctant 'Do we have to?') and Harry... well Harry's training was always week! However what Harry had in the bag was youth and a natural fitness level which comes from playing for his local football team, Lapford FC.

There comes a point when the training must stop and you can do no more, race day arrives and rather than fear it you just have to embrace it and enjoy the next few hours! Sunday 13 October had perfect conditions for a half marathon, not too cold, dry with some Autumn sun. The buzz in the race village in Southernhay Gardens was great, Heart Radio did a great job of making sure the 2500 runners were awake and raring to go.


We lined up (optimistically at the back of the 1:45:00 pen) and we were off. Oddly none of us ran together, I think mental solitude set in and we all settled into our pace just focusing on the finish line. Andy held the front of the race for the first 12 miles, Harry having lined up further back to start the race with his mum Donna, who also took part, was further back but maintaining a similar pace, and I settled into a pack where I could always just about see Andy's Bow Software t-shirt on the horizon. When you're on Pinhoe road and you hit 10 miles, hopefully this is the point where you think 'this is going to be fine I'm nearly home'. Bouyed by finishing I upped my pace to catch up with Andy, and around mile 12, and the last push back up the hill towards the Livingroom cafe, we sped up for the final dash on the finishing line.

We all had a great run, finishing with amazingly similar times. Well done team Bow!



Harry gets the award for his first half marathon, entering with a football injury from the day before and a dangerous lack of training runs! (Fanfare, drumroll please) 1:59:20

Andy gets the award for organising the ace Bow t-shirts, for joining his local runnning club and for beating his PB by 1.30 mins. (Fanfare, drumroll please) 1:57:45


and me, well I get the award for beating the boys! and for beating my PB by 12 minutes (Fanfare,drumroll please) 1:57:40

Refuelling After The Great West Run


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