The Literary Platform. Bookshops of the Future: Where Physical and Digital Co-exist

Following us exhibiting at 'Publish 2013! New Adventures in Innovation' on the 26th of September at St Brides London, we were approached by The Literary Platform to guest blog about the then named NFC Bookmarks. This was an exciting opportunity for us, to have our idea showcased, how, 'highstreet bookshops might retail in the digital marketplace'.

What followed was a frantic period where, although we had the idea and we had made an NFC bookmark for the Mary Curzon app, this idea, now needed firming up into a product with clear direction. Fast.

It needed a name, it needed a way people could find out more and a way people could stay in touch.

We've called it PhysiDigi. It's a physical digital form for ebooks, music , apps and media. We'd love to hear you're thoughts on the name ... (go on, leave a comment below!)

We've given PhysiDigi a page and some context on this website.

It's got a twitter name @physidigi so you can stay in touch with the idea as it develops. 

...the essentials covered we could now turn our attention to writting for The Literary Platform. The piece went down well, the retweets came in thick and fast and we sparked conversation with the audience. We would love it if you took a read "Bookshops of the Future: Where Physical and Digital Co-exist".

Since writting the article we've continued to focus on the product, we've covered the walls of the office in Osterwalder & Pigneur's Business Model Generation canvas, attended a hands on session at Exeter University's Innovation Centre, we've drawn our empathy customers and we're talking to digital publishers and bands about working up collaberative PhysiDigi products. It's full on and the adrenaline is racing! 


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