Non standard development - this week's Android woes

A lot of moderately non-standard Android development has been taking place this week.  We've been trying to:

  • Use a zipped APK resource for all run-time resources (layouts and strings excepted)
  • Use a generic contents view that can be swiped up and added to any (but not every) layout
  • Migrate our IntelliJ project to gradle-based Android Studio
  • Stream a video from the extra APK


Trouble we've had ...

...very poor documentation of where the APK really lives

Is it the same whether in debug or when downloaded from Google Play?  If not, this makes library deveopment and associated debugging exceedingly difficult.  If so, why doesn't it behave the same?  We had to end our endevours at 10 man hours because of our release schedule.  Fingers crossed for the release!  When we're debugging, we use this to get our zipped expansion file onto the device:

adb push expansion\zip\ /mnt/shell/emulated/obb/com.bow.myapp/

(main.3 is the main expansion file for app version 3; com.bow.myapp is the application's package)


... Android Studio won't auto-convert an IntelliJ project

Ours contains references to several other libraries (e.g. licensing, apk_download, zip_library) and the documentation simply doesn't cover it.  An entire man day gone, and we had to back out.  ADT rules!


... Android Studio hides SDK Manager

Try installing Android Studio on a fresh win8 x64 machine (I know, I know) and working out how to run SDK manager as an administrator.  Our resolution was to run Android Studio (Preview 0.2.9) as admin (dangerous when a preview!), launch SDK manager and update it.  Hope to hell it didn't break the entire rest of the world.


... VideoView doesn't take an InputStream

For whatever reason, handing an ImageStream to VideoView is impossible.  release() isn't exposed.  API Documentation for VideoView.setVideoUri() doesn't exist; see:google_api_01 

for more on this, check out the other post.


... Forums don't post answers!

Lots of people having similar problems, but very few solutions posted.  Hence this - anyone else needing to let off steam the comments box is all yours!


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