Interface 2014 - we're creative technologists and this is what we make.

Interface 2014 is one day for us to show you [the ‘big cultural brand’ , read ‘bright curious behemoth’ , BCB for short] what we’ve made, are making now, and, what we’d like to make happen with you.

We combine digital with physical things – to make spaces that interact, bookmarks that trigger apps, t-shirts that sing, woods that talk. The Internet of Things has opened up an undiscovered playground of possibilities – we’re interested in how we can work with the increasing demand for digital in a meaningful way, one that adds value and enriches the experience.   These are things we're up to right now:-

  • Physidigi is a physical form for ebooks, apps, music and other types of digital media. It gives digital content a physical presence that can be seen, held and passed from one person to another. Physidigi is looking for early adopters to collaborate with  (wink, nudge to you 'bright curious behemoth') 

'Physical forms for digital content, opens up new ways for consumers to feel and connect with digital products. Gift buyers can choose a personal, more thoughtful digital gift which can be wrapped and given by hand. People will purchase inspired by their environment or the company they're in, creating a deeper association and connection with the digital media.  Physidigi gives bricks and mortar retailers a digital product to sell alongside their traditional stock.'

Insight on physidigi and the ebook market Guest blog on the literary platform' Bookshops of the future where digital and physical co-exist.'

  • Peacocks, Pearl and a Princess - A visitor’s journey using NFC to expand reach, engage and increase revenue.

Peacocks, Pearl and a Princess is a follow on from an AHRC sandbox project ‘Digitising the Dollar Princess’. This project addresses how organisations within the heritage sector can use digital technology to  expand audience reach, increase engagement in an exhibition setting and create ‘take home’ digital momento content which creates revenue.    

Why work with a micro creative tech partner?

Because we’re small we’re not constrained by legacies and chain of commands. This allows us to work up ideas fast, learn from those that don’t work, adapt and re-make.

The sensible side.

At the end of the day we want to see what we make, being used. This means we have to work to the commercials. The budget, the milestones. Being edgy with creative tech doesn’t equal, ‘not switched on commercially’ and you’ll find we understand and can snap alongside the rhythm of larger partners. (We’d be happy to introduce you to some of our past clients if you’d like to see how they found working with Bow).

So what would you like to explore?

- Reaching new audiences with a short promo film that falls from their weekend supplement magazine?

- The chance to buy a digital momento, in a branded, collectable, tactile product?

- Getting rid of the sea of camera phones at a gig, by including a recording as additional content embedded in a concert ticket?

- Sharing content either, accessed proactively by NFC trigger points or by location prescence through ibeacon technology?

You might not know, what technology you want to use, but you know you would like to try using some new form of engagement. The Technology Strategy Board Location Based Services funding might be an ideal option for R& D exploration.

Where could this conversation go next?

If you have an R & D idea which might fit the Location Based Services fund – we’re looking for an organisation to collaborate on an application with. The deadline’s 18th of June 2014,  so we should start the conversation real soon!

Or  If you think your organisation could be an early physidigi adopter – we’d be really keen to talk some more

Or  if one of our strengths, hits a cord with you… you can call me on 01837 55 33 4 or email me at

Or  if the time’s not right to continue the conversation at the moment and you’d just like to stay in touch we can stay connect through linkedin, twitter or through our facebook page.

It was great to meet you and I look forward to Interface starting some exciting explorations ! Charlotte

p.s. not all my exploring involves elephants but they do make it much more fun.

‘As the Internet expands beyond desktops and mobiles into connected things – whether they are cars, shoes, energy monitors or door keys - it will change and adapt. In the words of Intel: ‘If the Internet was a movie, we’d still be at the opening credits.’ 

Helen le Voi (from design agency  Fjord) : guest blogs on the Internet of Things for the Technology Strategy Board. 

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