t-shirt technology that plays media through a smartphone’s NFC feature in a browser.

Wearable technology is a buzz concept that sits alongside Internet of Things, Big Data and 3D Printing.

Big brands have R & D departments developing whizzy new things we can buy, that will link to our body and tell us to run harder or eat less pasta. Send email and alerts to our wrists, so small we’ll probably still opt to check them on our smartphone later. Glasses that will hover the plethora of internet in front of our eyes leaving us free to keep our hands on our handle bars.

Well as for someone that struggles to make new friends as it is, wearing a high vis cycling jacket on the school drop off, I’m sceptical that wearing ‘Goggle glasses’ can help me connect with others on a …well a human interaction level.

Combine this with the resentment I feel when products and brands tie me into their systems (music and media that once bought can’t be moved out of that wrapper you know who you are). I am reluctant to buy wearable technology that will need me to download something new, is only compatible with select other brands and needs updating once a month. I’d just like to buy something and then because I own it, use it. End of.

At the opposite end to the ‘high tech wearables’ – we have an idea for wearable technology. T-shirts that use technology to tell a tale.

This physidigi (it’s a physical digital thing you see) t-shirt shows you Kinkie’s Peacock Dress in 360 degree photography from an exhibition. But it could be your favourite band’s tee that triggers an exclusive track or a promo shirt for the next iron man run which actually prompts you to, ”eat more pasta “ in a ‘be more dog’ tone of voice.

Physidigi works by relaying the connected content from the internet. No-one needs to download or update. They just buy the t-shirt and play and replay through their smartphone’s NFC connectivity* and an internet browser of choice.

Is this wearable technology expensive? It’s probably going to set you back £25 a tshirt. Unlike the ‘Google glass' though, as it might even help me make new friends as it launches into this ‘summers anthem’ at the school drop off, I think this is an okay price to pay.

So if you are intrested in creating some wearable tshirt tech for your exhibition, band, product or brand - give us a call we're looking for innovative partners to make cool clothes with!

*NFC stands for Near Field technology which is a short range passive wireless technology used in a range of services from the London Oyster Cards to mobile tap to pay systems. We know not everyone has a smartphone, and of those that do not everyone has NFC but ABI research predict 500 million NFC enabled smartphones will ship worldwide in 2014 – that’s a significant marketplace regardless of whether Apple does or doesn’t include NFC in the upcoming iphone 6

Physidigi (trademark pending) is a platform in development from Bow Software Ltd.

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