BUS Methodology

A multi-lingual survey online application

  • The Building Use Study is a methodology for assessing occupant satisfaction.

    Bow Software developed a website and client portal which allows qualified partners around the world to build and conduct surveys. Building performance can then be benchmarked and used to inform future design.

    A multilingual survey application for Ove Arup engineers
  • The public website explains the process and history of BUS methodology.

    Through the website you can find a BUS methodology partner, view case studies and read their impact  on future design.

    Partners manage their case studies through the CMS (content management system).

    BUS website sliding info boxes screenshot
  • Through the portal, BUS methodology partners can build custom surveys from within the BUS methodology framework. Surveys are published online or available for download, in eight different languages.

    The survey tracker shows the response count & follows the life cycle of the survey.

    Several overlayed screenshots of custom surveys from BUS

To develop a multilingual survey building portal through which BUS partners can build and conduct online and offline BUS surveys with occupants. The application should track live and completed surveys, the results can the be analysed and shared with key stakeholders.

This was a multi-faceted project commissioned by ARUP which facilitates:

  • An umbrella website for BUS methodology which spoke to both prospective BUS delivery partners providing an overview of the methodology, and building occupants providing easy access to complete an online survey.
  • A partner portal, where partners can create custom minisites in the BUS ‘style’. This dynamic content populates both the partner page on the umbrella BUS website and the partners stand alone minisite.
  • A full content management system for BUS allowing them to update their content independently. 
  • A partner portal where surveys are built and customised from a question bank. Surveys can be completed online, response count tracked, surveys closed, bench marked and analysis uploaded.
  • An international application. Surveys can be published in 8 different languages and made available around the world.

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