Gag - Reactor state

A monitoring application for the nuclear power industry

  • Presenting component trends - displaying multiple series of up to many millions of points on a single chart.

    Component trending
  • Visual presentation - displaying hardware equipment status at-a-glance.  Failures, warnings, items being ignored can all be seen and zoomed from within the control room as if looking at the hardware rack.

    Rack view showing status at a glance

Implement a feature-rich user interface to a custom-built nuclear power plant safety system, complying to strict coding and unit test standards and guidelines.

GAG is a software commission for a North Devon Engineering firm manufacturing safety equipment for systems containing vibrating components. With some nuclear power stations relying on their components they commissioned Bow Software to deliver a bespoke user interface for the environment which shows sound variation across the reactors.

A C# WPF/MVVM front end interfacing via WCF to C++ services communicating over RS485 to high-spec FPGA-based signal processing systems, this system monitors and reports green/amber/red component status and provides the ability to drill down into individual components including trend analysis, live histogram updates, alarm administration and entire system configuration, including broadcast hardware reprogramming.

This project encompassed system design and software in accordance with strict ISO, coding standards and compliance enforcement regimes. The delivery took 6 months and was completed in April 2013.

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