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PhysiDigi. A physical form for ebook, music and app downloads.

  • It's important that a name resonates so we've thought about 'what this actually is'

    PhysiDigi – it's a physical digital thing!

    A physical form for music, ebook and app downloads.

    PhysiDigi - a physical form for music, ebook and app downloads
  • When we heard at the end of September that we'd been 1 of 40 products selected to exhibit in the innnovation showcase at Venturefest 2013, we started to work on our brand. 

    We'd love to get your feedback. Did we pick a Marmite name ?! What do you think ? 

    PhysiDigi -  twitter handle
  • This is a new, emerging platform that is still in development...

    Follow PhysiDigi on twitter @physidigi as the story unfolds as we talk to interested folk from the publishing, music and digital media sectors.

    PhysiDigi on twitter @physidigi
  • How do you wrap a digital book? PhysiDigiBookmarks could be an answer. Leveling out the playing field so that high-street independent bookshops can sell digital books alongside their traditional stock.

    The PhysiDigi Bookmarks are an innovative route to market for ebooks.

    Mary Curzon physidigi bookmarks
  • Melosa are loud, captivating and impossible not to jump around too.

    An Exeter band that we hugely admire we are proud and excited to collaberate using their track 'Our Word is our Weapon' as the first physidigi sound. We will be launching physidigi sound on large Cerwinvega speakers at Venturefest 2013 - we're hoping the noise attracts us some attention!

    PhysiDigi sound - Melosa

What do ... Bookmarks that open locked themed chapters in a digital book, exhibit cards that launch media in an exhibition and perspex cubes that help you slim down a daunting number of mobile phone choices have in common?  

The memorable answer is : These are 'physical things' we have made that make something happen 'digitally'.

The less memorable answer is: These are bookmarks, exhibits and perspex cubes that contain a coded near field communication (NFC) tag which when passed by a reader, code is read and an instruction implemented, making ... something happen digitally.

Meet the rather clumsily named 'NFC Bookmark', we introduced it to the project 'Digitising the Dollar Princess an illuminated digital biography' in March 2013. This is a bookmark that opens additional content in the e-book and was an experiment with the idea of delivering some of the biography content for free, where readers could then go on to unlock additional chapters through buying the themed bookmarks. The bookmarks were also a desirable product; a great way of reaching the books audience in a physical space through venues and bookshops. Nicely designed and tactile the bookmark is a thing that can be picked by hand, bought with paper currency, wrapped and gifted.

Bow were encouraged to explore the potential of the bookmarks mostly through verbal support, that, 'this was a nice idea', but the push was expedited through some consultancy funding (see our thanks to inet here) and through that we've arrived at the position that:- 

  • The NFC Bookmark is a terrible name ! People connect with the power of stories and brands not the mechanics.
  • Connecting 'physical with digital' is not exclusive to e-books and goes much further to include other digital forms; media, sound and apps.

We have looked at different environments and use cases where physical and digital could overlap and this will inform this service and platform delivery as we continue to develop it. We've looked at the market and the money, the demand, the influencers and the players. Realising the importance of a name that resonates we've thought about 'what this actually is' and road tested names and handles.

So what's next? Well while the delivery paths are further explored there are some immediate knowns, from here on in the service and platform is PhysiDigi – it's a physical digital thing! A physical form for music, e-book and app downloads.

If this interests you please take the time to follow developments @physidigibook or by searching #physidigi

And it's rather awesome but we can now share that PhysiDigi Bookmarks have been selected to exhibit at Venturefest on November the 14th as one of 40 innovative companies. It's free to attend Venturefest but be sure to register for a ticket in advance.

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