Software architecture & system design from clean code developers.

  • We develop systems for SMEs through to multinational PLCs.

    • Processes monitoring systems
    • Survey and tracking systems
    • Database design and system integration
    Process and Database software systems
  •  Online Postcode and Booking Systems

    • High performance postcode-driven data return applications
    • Online booking systems
    Postcode and Booking System software development
  • RFID and NFC software applications for asset tracking.

    Bluetooth applications

    RFID and NFC software development
  • We develop software systems with an agile approach that are built on a clean code philosophy.

    We have designed and developed systems for a range of medium to large businesses in the south west, nationally and internationally.

    List of People we have worked with. Arup, Vodafone, Tesco, Duflon, Beran.

We use industry standard, forward-facing technologies to develop bespoke software applications for systems.

Before we begin, we listen. We make sure we understand all your objectives, challenging and interpreting your ideas along the way. We identify the right technologies for your project and budget (keeping one eye on the future to ensure we don’t design out project expansion). The development process is then underpinned by a sound software specification with milestones and deliverables – clear communication from a dedicated project manager is key to a successful project.

Hand over, hugs and handshakes? We’re actually here for the long game, by this stage we’ll have come to know your software needs well and have built a sound working relationship, so when the software needs tweaking or extending, we’ll still be on hand to maintain or expand the system.

  • Core languages C/C++, C#, Java, jQuery
  • Web technologies, MVC, Umbraco
  • Windows technologies WPF, WCF, Metro Apps
  • Design Patterns MVVM, Lean, Agile
  • Databases MS SQL 2008, 2012, MySQL
  • Linux system applications
  • Android applications

Do you need additional developer resource on an in-house project? Our team can work with you on-site or you can outsource development to the team to ensure internal project milestones are met. Please contact us to discuss your project needs, we can help with:-


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