Lady Mary Curzon

Digitising the Dollar Princess - an illuminated digital biography app.

  • A non linear biography of Lady Curzon, Vicereine of India 1899-1905.

    Is it an app?An e-book? Or an armchair exhibition? 

    "I love it, to me this is byte-size TV " Claire H, Devon.

    Mary Curzon app cermoney screenshot
  • 360 Degree Photography allows an object to be photographed & viewed, as if you we're walking all the way around it. The production team choose this technique to best showcase this amazing archive, enabling readers of the app to spin and zoom in on the dress. 

    Mary Curzon app - a screenshot from the Fashion theme
  • How do you wrap a digital book? NFC bookmarks could be an answer, even leveling out the playing field so that high-street independent bookshops can sell digital books alongside their traditional stock.

    The NFC bookmark was introduced by Bow Software as an innovative second route to market for digital apps.

    Physidigi bookmarks and the Mary Curzon app

To push the boundaries of the e-book, by using  audio, film and 3D imagery to create an an app reading experience that sits between book, byte size tv and physical exhibitions. The digital format allows the reader to explore Lady Curzon's fascinating life story in a non-linear form.

Bow Software and Nicola Thomas from the University of Exeter made a successful application to REACT to work on a 3 month R & D project which looked to the future of Books & Print. Through the life story of Lady Curzon, we opened up archives and source materials and designed an app which allowed the reader to journey through a biography.

Bow Software developed the android app with audio, short animated films and 3D spinning photography to create an engaging immersive read. The project is available in Beta as an android app by invitation to download. Cross platform availability through IOS and Windows 8 is planned.

To address the issue of app visibility in a crowded market place, Bow Software introduced an NFC bookmark as an additional way promoting the app, the NFC bookmarks could be purchased at venues such as museums or book shops. The purchased bookmark (contains an NFC tag) which downloads the app onto NFC enabled device. The bookmarks are a tactile answer to the posed problem of how do you wrap a digital book!

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