A mimic software platform

An offsite mimic software environment to test the GAG - Reactor State application


Produce a test platform to validate hardware and software ahead of hardware build

Hardware design takes time to manufacture - designs have to be completed and validated, manufacturers have to be instructed, the manufacturing process takes time.  The software can't be validated without the hardware that it interfaces with and the hardware can't be vaiidated without the software.

Mimic was a 2-component system to act as interface validation - a simulation tool to look like hardware to the software and software to the hardware.  It was a rapid-development tool to decouple the development of the software and hardware components of a system so that both could be validated and requirements identified ahead of the lead projects schedule.

Mimic was a software application developed as a precursor to GAG- Reactor State software system for a North Devon Engineering firm an.d a UK Nuclear Power Station


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